Antarctic Explorer

The land of Superlatives and extremes! Antarctica, being the fifth largest continent is quite isolated. With the highest average elevation, Antarctica is one of the driest and coldest continent among the seven other continents on earth. Even though it is surrounded by Southern Ocean, the primary reason for its extreme weather is the low atmospheric pressure which results in low air pressure.

Scarcely populated! Scientist performing scientific research reside with the average population of about 1000 during winters and a maximum of about 5000 during summers. There are no cities, just dozens of research centres which is restricted to scientific research.

Antarctica is governed by the Antarctic Treaty which was signed during 1957-1958 by twelve countries (Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Chile, France, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States and USSR) which states the continent as International research zone

Although Antarctica is the last place on earth, it shelters rich wildlife, Sailing down the Beagle Channel past Magellanic Penguin, Rock Cormorant, and Sea Lion colonies picturesque Neko Harbor, sheltered Paradise Harbor, the Humpback Whale favored Wilhelmina Bay, the striking Lemaire Channel, the wildlife-filled Penola Channel, or the majestic Neumayer Channel nothing but a wonderful adventure which any avid traveller would want to experience!