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Welcome to our brand new website

New Features. New Looks. Same Trusted Service

Chariot World Tours Limited.

As a company we put our customers first. Be it on tour, during the booking process, documentation or while exploring the next holiday. Everything we do reflects this end goal. This new site is in another step in this direction.

Our Technology Investments

Technology is a unavoidable enabler of life. Every aspect of our lives are now intermeshed with technology. Travel is no exception. The complexities of travel have been solved greatly by technology. As a company, we have been making sturdy investments in upgrading our tech enablers. The current new website is a part of that effort. This is the 4th version of our site in the last 18 years of our presence. As always, this new version reflects the current trend and caters to the new requirements.

An Automated Platform

The current website is powered by a powerful itinerary maker software that us custom built for our use. The site now will feature the most updated itinerary and departures. This site also features a highly tested CRM that helps us to manage your requests better. The design is reflective of the superior experience you always have with Chariot.

We welcome you to explore the new site and reach out to us to plan your next holiday.

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